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County Playing Fields Association

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  The Shropshire Playing Fields Association founded in the late 1950s, is a registered charity, offering an independent and impartial voice on many aspects pertaining to play, sport and physical activity.

The aim of the SPFA is to ensure that people of all ages, including people with disabilities, in both urban and rural communities, have access locally to good quality facilities for, and opportunities to take part in, a range of sports and recreational activities, including children`s play.

A major part of our day to day work is devoted to assisting community-based organisations, especially in the county`s rural areas, to provide, preserve, improve and adequately maintain outdoor recreational and children`s play facilities. We have a particular interest in encouraging facilities for children and young people.

We are actively seeking new volunteers to join our group, offering training and guidance to anyone wishing to join us: Contact David Kilby 01743-850943 for more details.