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History - Traditional values with a current relevance

In the mid-1920's, Britain was working to bring strength and self-confidence back to local communities after the devastation created by the Great War. Armed services personal united to support the effort and began by restoring and safeguarding recreational facilities in their local neighbourhoods.

The aim was to provide resident children and families with safe places to play and practice sports. These values are core to the CPFA movement and relevant to today's communities.

Today's CPFA representatives passionately mirror the custodial and advisory roles created during the previous century, arising from the need to maintain and protect local recreational facilities and support the communities right to use them.

As an organisation we uphold the following set of values and work with strategic partners who mirror them.

Community Spirited - we believe in the benefits of local community involvement

Courage - we are not afraid to stand up for what is right

Honesty - hidden agenda's are not for us, we are open and straight talking

Aware - we are local and understand localised issues and through the synergy of County bodies match this with national knowledge

Trusted - building on heritage we are entrusted by the community to represent them

Resourceful - like many of our communities we have learnt to make the most out of the limited resources available

Traditional with a twist! - we build our modern thinking on traditional roots to gain the best of both worlds