So you want to take your family for a fun day. Or you are planning for your department’s team building. Find out three essential features to look out for when scouting for the best recreational sports venues.

1. Accessibility

What are the transport options available? You don’t want your family or team to get stuck in the middle of nowhere – that’s not fun at all. Unless you are planning for an expensive outing, go for the easily accessible recreational sports venues where there is easy access to roads, the metro, and other transport systems. But that’s not to say the quiet venues tucked in the calm countryside are not worthy options – as long as the roads are good, and the communication systems are up and running.

2. Safety and Emergency Services

Many times we have seen fun times end in tragedy. Well, it’s not that an ambulance in the car park and paramedics on the wait is being pessimistic. With such an emergency plan, the establishment assures clients that it is ready to handle any emergency case. You don’t want to get hurt in a recreational sports venue that can’t even administer basic first aid. That said, always consider the preparedness of the venue in the event of accidents, which happen very often.

3. Food and Beverage

Besides access to clean water, an excellent recreational sports venue should serve food and drinks. This is from snacks, hot and cold drinks to main meals. And it’s not just the availability of F&B, check the prices as some venues take advantage and exploit customers because of the monopoly.

The above are three of the factors to consider when selecting the best recreational sports venues. Above all, read the online reviews and find out what other customers who have visited the venue say about it.