Sporting facilities are unique establishments where teams and individuals go to practice for their next sporting competition or to actually compete in them. Some of these sporting facilities also allow individuals to carry out recreational activities on them.

These facilities usually allow recreational ventures after the official activities have been completed. Here are some of the sporting venues that would be ideal for recreational activities.

Basketball Courts

These courts are mostly used by teams for training during the day. The courts are normally free during the evening hours. This gives room for people from the neighbourhood to have fun at the basketball court. This is very especially viable in basketball courts that have floodlights as they remain lit throughout the night.

Tennis Courts

These courts might be free at any time as the game is only played between two or four players. This gives the lovers of these games some time to play for recreational purposes when they arrive after work. Some people also go into the court to watch the game.


Football is one of the most popular sports around the world. A lot of people visit the field to watch a match even if it is between amateurs. Some of these fields have fitted floodlights. This enables people to play football even at night. Evening time is an excellent time for football lovers who are not in major teams to enjoy themselves on the field, as they play kickabouts or small-sided games.

Swimming Pool Facilities

These facilities are built to help teams in training for swimming competitions. Some swimming facilities are also open to the general public for recreational purposes. People are allowed into the facility after the completion of the training activities. These pools are well equipped with floaters, and lifeguards are always on the watch.